A frequently heard recommendation is to “buy with your heart, and not with your head.” While visceral, emotional responses to works of art are the best starting point, decisions should be supported with answers to these questions: Who is this artist, where does this work fit in his oeuvre, and why is it worth what is being asked? What is its condition, and are there market trends to be considered? These are all very important considerations.

Whether a new or experienced collector, the advice of a qualified advisor is invaluable to this process. It is the extra step that results in secure decisions, and more successful, long-term satisfaction.

The expertise and advice Hope Davis Fine Art provides is objective and unbiased. We enjoy discovering what personally resonates with our clients, and guide them through all phases of the journey—from exploration, to discovery and footwork, to acquisition.

  • GUIDANCE at auction previews and sales
  • ACCESS to an extensive network of contacts and resources
  • RELIABLE and thorough research, and value analysis
  • SERVICE identification of the most appropriate venues for purchase and sale of fine art
  • NEGOTIATION of purchase/sale contracts on clients’ behalf, with discretion and confidentiality
  • COLLECTION MANAGEMENT including consultation for installation, restoration, and framing
  • PLANS AND BUDGETS for residential, professional, and corporate art collections